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Making a Plan for Safety

Safety is a constant and non negotiable obligationWelding managers must make their safety expectations clear to welders, other employees, vendors, subcontractors and customers. A lot can be learned about an organization by how safely each individual on the premises acts. Individual attitudes reveal the safety culture that exists in a welding workplace and the level of support from top management. Safety is a constant obligation.

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Successful Welding: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Welder Wearing Personal Protective EquipmentWelders create their own problems by exhibiting lack of confidence and not wearing their Personal Protective Equipment  (PPE).  “Certification welds” should be better than “production welds” because the weld coupons are new, clean and the weld surfaces are smooth. The weld test booth is clean, lighted and a safe workplace.  Welders tend to overlook the fact that their success in providing a satisfactory demonstration of their welding performance is important to all parties.

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Why Work?

why work in the days of COVID-19 subsidiesReposted from the  Kim Monson website,  original story by Author and researcher, Patti Kurgan. 

Unfortunately millions have become unemployed during the COVID 19/Wuhan Virus reaction disruption. The government has stepped in with the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act. It was intended to help small business owners keep their employees but a caveat in the legislation actually pays some people more to be unemployed than to work.

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Mission: Safety!

Safety means risk management concerning environment, health and safety. Safety is no accident. Safety is planned. Welding and NDT are potentially hazardous occupations. As a welding leader, a measure of success is the regular, safe performance of others.

The “mission” is to create "great thinkers". Education is the only answer to get us out of the business problems that we find ourselves in as welding leaders. Don't worry about why welding or NDT works, leaders are concerned about how they benefit them, safely. Learn what each of us can do to make welding and NDT safer.

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Welding Hazards – Gases & Fumes

Welding fumes can cause a multitude of health issues. Ventilation is key!Welding joins pieces of metal by the use of heat, pressure or both. Welding is among the most dangerous industrial activities. It requires an enormous degree of precautionary planning because of the risk of personal injury. Gases and fumes can be significantly reduced with process controls and shielding gases.

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