Why Use An Experienced Forensic Welding Expert

An Experienced Welding ExpertWith the explosion of welding and metallurgical websites on the internet, why should anyone use a forensic welding engineer/expert?  It is so easy to go online and find welding engineering data, equipment specifications, electrode parameters, welder blogs and perhaps even examples of weld failure assessments by others in many countries from years ago?   Who would want to present these findings in court?

The internet is a great tool for legal research, especially if all you need to do is find a quick answer to a non-consequential welding question or a single failure incident that was classified as “failed weld”, or a list of questions to ask when cross-examining the opposition’s expert witness.   However, seasoned attorneys prefer inputs from a proven welding engineer when organizing a complex court case that spanned multiple years and without precedence in any court. 

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Attorneys know that their chosen welding expert witness has limited opportunities to support the case. These are the experienced expert report, deposition and testimony.
  • A good welding expert knows where to look from experience. The expert needs to be a reliable source for advice about welding design, materials, processes, and quality. You may prefer not to spend hour-after-hour switching from one website to another in attempts to get information from selections that may not directly apply to your case.
  • The experienced expert witness knows what to look for, considers the facts, and develops concise opinions about his observations and laboratory findings. The expert witness can find important details or changes that seemed insignificant and were overlooked by others. Make sure your expert has experience with keyword researches and a large in-house library of welding standards and specifications already applied in hundreds of past cases.
  • An expert has experience with complex welding issues and can provide an explanation in simple terms for the trier of fact.
  • A welding expert needs to be the “champion in many an attorney’s corner”. When the unexpected occurs, the expert can help get plans back on track. 
  • Hiring an experienced welding expert is money well spent.

This article was written by Dr. Jesse A. Grantham, all rights reserved. Dr. Jesse A Grantham is an experienced forensic expert in both welding and metallurgy. The Welding Leader, WJMG is nationally recognized with dedicated administrative staff and in-house metal testing, mechanical and nondestructive, capabilities. Visit www.WJMG.com or www.JesseAGrantham.com for more information about getting the best expert on your side.

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