Successful Welding: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Welder Wearing Personal Protective EquipmentWelders create their own problems by exhibiting lack of confidence and not wearing their Personal Protective Equipment  (PPE).  “Certification welds” should be better than “production welds” because the weld coupons are new, clean and the weld surfaces are smooth. The weld test booth is clean, lighted and a safe workplace.  Welders tend to overlook the fact that their success in providing a satisfactory demonstration of their welding performance is important to all parties.

Successful welding includes knowledge abut:

  • Safety – Protect Personal, Personnel, and Property, follow AWS Z49.1.
  • Processes – Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic arc welds. 
  • Quality – Code compliant Welding, Cutting & NDT to meet the weld designer’s intent.
  • Material – Carbon and Stainless Steel, Aluminum - Mechanical Properties,  Alloy analysis.
  • Design – Welded connections should be detailed and drawn-out by a design professional.
  • Documentation – WPS and Welder performance, Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) compliance.

Successful welding is a demonstration of a positive “attitude” by the welder.  The welder should demonstrate a persona  that a “certification weld” is no different from “production weld” on the job.  These two welds should not be different.  The welder should weld, act and wear PPE, which is fire resistant clothing, hood and dark lens and safety glasses. The hazards when welding are always physical, electrical, heat, chemicals, biohazards, and airborne particulate matter.  

Successful welds comply with the designer’s intent.  Defective welds are repaired or replaced.  Welders that experience injuries or cause property damage are unsuccessful.  PPE is always a requirement when welding.  Safety while welding is not optional.

There are readily available instructions, texts, cautions and warnings for welders about arcs, sparks and dangers.   Horseplay and disregard for PPE generally results in serious injuries, fires and explosions.

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