Why Work?

    why work in the days of COVID-19 subsidiesReposted from the  Kim Monson website,  original story by Author and researcher, Patti Kurgan. 

    Unfortunately millions have become unemployed during the COVID 19/Wuhan Virus reaction disruption. The government has stepped in with the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act. It was intended to help small business owners keep their employees but a caveat in the legislation actually pays some people more to be unemployed than to work.

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    The New Normal: 8 Ways the Coronavirus Crisis Changed Welding Workplaces.

    the new normal? welding helmet COVID-19 styleRevised from NSPE, Edited by Dr. Jesse A. Grantham, PE, Principal - Forensic Expert

    U.S. jobsites are reopening but the industry will not be the same as it was before the COVID-19 outbreak.

    In the span of two months, the coronavirus crisis has demanded sweeping changes from the U.S. construction industry, and experts say many of them will remain in place even after the outbreak recedes.

    As contractors prepare to return to work on sites that have been shut down by shelter-in-place initiatives, they will face an industry that drastically changed by the both public health and economic effects of the pandemic.

    There are new factors coming into play now that you or I never thought about. People need to plan now to be prepared for the long term.

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    Managing a Coronavirus-Related Project Shutdown

    Proper shutdown ensures a smooth re-startRevised from NSPE, Edited by Dr. Jesse A. Grantham, PE, Principal - Forensic Expert

    When a hurricane or other disaster forces the closing of a jobsite, owners and contractors can be reasonably assured that, barring severe physical property damage, everyone will be back to work in a short while.

    However, the Coronavirus pandemic has led contractors, material suppliers and industry vendors into uncharted waters. Construction companies, for example, in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville Massachusetts and to some degree, Pennsylvania, San Francisco, Austin TX and Travis County, TX, either are unsure about which projects must be closed or are looking at the duration of a moratorium. Consider that: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday morning announced that construction is "nonessential" work, effectively shutting down most projects statewide.

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    Educating Welders about Quality Welds

    Welders are under enormous pressure to produce quality, lasting welds.During my life, I welded, supervised welders, engineered welds and inspected welds in many industries. Some welds were acceptable and some welds were rejected. It is important to note these terms, “accept and reject”. Every person (company and personal) involved in the welding operation needs to perform their assigned duties (design, materials, processes, and compliance). When there is a weakness in any one of these functions, the “welder” gets blamed for a bad weld.“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. This is also true for welds.

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