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    What is AWS and Why Is It So Important to Join?

    Today's WJMG definition of AWS

    The American Welding Society (AWS) was founded in 1919 to advance the Science, Technology and Application of Welding. The AWS was founded in 1919 in New York City, New York, and later relocated to Miami, Florida.

    A duty of a mature AWS member is to examine who we are and what our gifts are so we can know what we have to share.

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    Professional Engineer (PE) versus Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)

    Scope:  Briefly compare the occupational job descriptions of a PE versus a CWI in the United States of America (USA) and the State PE Boards.

    Accurate occupational job descriptions are a dynamic topic with the USA and every state.  There are hundreds of different types of PE and CWI jobs.  To find out about descriptions of the many PE and construction inspector occupations, it is suggested that all serious inquiries be directed to a handbook of listings published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBL). The USBL has an Office of Occupational Statistics and Employment Projects in Washington D.C. that manages this publication.

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    Why Use An Experienced Forensic Welding Expert

    With the explosion of welding and metallurgical websites on the internet, why should anyone use a forensic welding engineer / expert?  It is so easy to go online and find welding engineering data, equipment specifications, electrode parameters, welder blogs and perhaps even examples of weld failure assessments by others in many countries from years ago?   Who would want to present these findings in court?

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    Using the Correct Materials and Consumables Solves Welding Problems

    Using the correct materials will reduce potential future weld failures Numerous engineering catastrophes have been traced to the use of incorrect materials. The resources allocated for materials identification and control depend upon the consequences of a component failure that would result from using incorrect materials.

    Train employees in how to deal with vendors, and provide written procedures. You can also take specific steps to protect against mistakes with incoming material and consumables. As a general rule, when the distance from a vendor increases, there is an even greater justification for pre-shipment inspections. The same material from different vendors may be different. Quality, heat treatment, dimensional inconsistencies, and chemical composition tests may vary with vendor. Material Test Reports (MTRs) may be requested for deliveries and should coincide with the actual material received.

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    Weld Failures - Part II

    by, Dr. Jesse A. Grantham, Forensic Welding Engineer

    Part 2.  Welds

    Weld failures are not just accidents or acts of God.  Weld failures are the result of human errors originating from unrealistic delivery schedules, oversight, carelessness, ignorance or greed.  With the advance of design sophistication and fast-track methodologies also came the proliferation of metal failures.  Early savings in design and construction costs can easily boomerang as later and larger costs of repair and litigation.  The vulnerable metal structures of the late 20th century can provide “bread and butter” to Forensic Experts of the 21st century.

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    Contract Compliance & Code Compliance

    Dr. Jesse Grantham is a recognized Contract & Code Compliance ExpertDr. Jesse Grantham is recognized by many courts as an expert in contract compliance, code compliance, welding, inspection, testing, warning labels and metallurgy. He is dedicated to welding management and the process of continuous improvement. By recalling fundamentals of materials, heat input, mathematics, physics and chemistry, managers responsible for welding can improve throughput, quality and profit.

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    The New

    The New site screen shotThe American Welding Society (AWS) has recently updated their website to become an even stronger resource for people in the welding industry.

    If you’re looking for certifications, you can now find all the information you might need in one easy to navigate location. From documentation and educational requirements to online courses and exam schedules, everything you need to get certified, renew your certifications or simply refresh your knowledge base is right there, together on one page.

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    Making the Choice for Compliance

    Compliance ensures success and safety for your project.Successful Welding Leaders take a 'personal approach' toward making choices for compliance. Customers expect projects to be welded in accordance with established welding codes. Compliance with published safety standards for personnel and property are required by commercial cutting and welding projects.

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